Vanhouten Art & Design

Vanhouten Art & Design is the newest branch of Chopard Couture.

We offer unique furnitures and exquisite accessories made by the finest designers.

Everyone should be able to enjoy such high quality work, so we offer the items at a fair price.

Vanhouten Art & Design - Conditions :

  • All our items are Only Transferable!
  • Most of the furnitures have a menu to change the size of the item. (Not possible with the DEMO furnitures in the shop.)
  • Some furnitures have a light that can be switch on and off. (See the DEMO furnitures in the shop)
  • Please take notice the informations on the vendor.
  • All sales are Final!
  • Please have a look at our demos! They are available in our inworld shop.
  • No Refund!

If you have any questions please sent a notecard to Catherine Chopard or Hinnerck Vanhouten.

Thank You!

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