Customer Rewards Programm

All Customers automatically earn store credit with each purchase. There are 4 levels based on the total amount spent in the store.

    Level        Total Spent     % Returned

  • Bronze         100 L$                5%
  • Silver          1000 L$                7%
  • Gold           5000 L$              10%
  • Platin        10000 L$              20%

Check your Loyalty Program Levels:

  1. click any vendor
  2. choose "discounts" from the popup menu
  3. another popup gives the following information:
  • Total amount spent so far (or total points gained so far).
  • Current cash-back discount level, if any.
  • How much you need to spend for the next loyalty tier.
  • What your loyalty level will be at the next tier, if set. - Existing credit balance you have, if any.

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